According to the Chartered Management Institution (CMI), 63% of managers said they received no training and only 14% of managers were considered good at people management by workers.

When looking at the statistics from CMI a large proportion of managers are actually trying to fulfil their position in a company not fully understanding their role. They might not even be fulfilling their management duties to a manager’s standard, which could cause detrimental effects to your business in the long run. Becoming a manager comes with an increase of responsibility and in the long run eases the pressure off you as an employer. Surely it is vital that they receive training so you know that they are running your company to a standard you are happy with?

                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Stefan Stefancik on Unsplash

Going into the New Year you may have not considered training your management team. You may see this as an unnecessary business cost that takes up company time. However, there is massive importance in ongoing training and support in the workplace. Not only does it display your investment in your employees but, shows that you are committed in the growth of your company.

Here are our 5 key reasons why management training in the workplace is fundamental:

  1. Your staff are trained to the best they can be – Growth and development in your team will flourish more naturally if your management team are performing.
  2. Promotion through the ranks – Perhaps your new manager has progressed to this position throughout the years at your company. Meaning training will be vital in making sure your management team is confident in their new position.
  3. Cost effective – Training in-house may seem pricey at the time but, in the long run it is probably cost effective than hiring someone at a later date to come in and do the job.
  4. Creating a culture of development and learning – We all learn new things on the job every day. Creating this environment will show the company’s on-going growth and strive for the company and your staff to develop.
  5. Good managers = Good teams and productivity – Having good people management is essential when leading. This is essential for the long run of the company.

Management training and training days in the workplace should not be dismissed. Long term training sessions will allow your company to grow with the on-going changing employment world.

Training staff: An Expensive Cost or Key Development?