We are looking for a café manager who will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the café and can guarantee the highest standards of hygiene, safety and customer service. You will be accountable for the daily operations of the café including motivating staff to provide excellent customer service and ensuring all tasks completed and finished to a high standard.


Bijou has been part of the Cowbridge community for nearly 8 years and has become well known as a play centre that sold refreshments.

The premises has been completely refurbished and on re-opening at the end of July we want to establish Bijou as a first class coffee shop and play centre. The new change in Bijou is essential to the understanding of what we strive to deliver. Bijou’s aim is to look after both children and adults who visit our play centre and coffee shop, making it a valuable asset to the Cowbridge community.

Bijou will be a place young children can explore and learn in a safe environment where parents and carers can relax or work in comfortable surroundings whilst enjoying a nutritional snack and a hot beverage. Bijou is a place to socialise with friends and also a place to celebrate for children’s birthdays and other special occasions.

Before applying please read the Key Responsibilities & Person Specification.

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We are recruiting a Café Manager