24 hour employment law and HR advice helpline

The BOSS Employment Law and HR Advice Helpline service is invaluable in resolving all kinds of employment issues and difficulties.

The aim of this service is to provide solutions to your employment issues and be there for you whenever you need advice, support or assistance.

If you are a business owner or employer, you’ll know just how often important queries and questions can pop up. With little or no warning you could be facing a dilemma. You can get the answers you need from the BOSS Employment Law and HR Advice helpline.

Any authorised personnel within your business can call up the BOSS Employment Law and HR Advice Helpline or contact us by e-mail to obtain guidance on any problems they’re facing.

If letters are required to go to employees, these can be provided. All our letters are of the relevant detail to satisfy an employment tribunal that a process is being followed correctly.


Need help but don’t want to subscribe?

If you want fast answers but don’t need a full subscription, you can still turn to BOSS. Try BOSS Pay As You Go, your first call is only £25.