The HR audit constitutes a review of your current contracts of employment and employee handbook.

BOSS will offer an unbiased examination and evaluation of your current HR system and offer workable pragmatic solutions to ensure your Employment obligations and responsibilities are being met.

The HR Audit is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your current HR and employment policies and practices where we will look at issues, such as:

  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction;
  • Pay and Reward;
  • Performance Management;
  • Flexible Working and Work-Life Balance;
  • Equality and Diversity;
  • Communication and Involvement;
  • Employee Representation;
  • Discipline and Grievance;
  • Managing Change;
  • Key Performance Indicators in People Management.


You will receive good practice advice and guidance along with resources and assistance based on how effective your current practices are. The main advantage of having a HR Audit is to pin-point risks and potential problem areas. This is important because these issues can damage morale and in the long term, the Company’s competitiveness.