From large teams of creatives to small organisations just finding their feet, businesses of all shapes and sizes experience conflict. Whether that is on a personal level or with regards to work processes, your business must be well equipped to manage disagreements from an HR perspective.

If you are struggling to handle a disagreement within your organisation then below, we at Boss HR have detailed various tactics to help. We hope they help.

Defining the problem

Though one worker may blame another for their frustrations, only when you sit them down will you really get to grips with what the root of their issue actually is. For instance, an individual may be overwhelmed in their role or expecting a pay rise/promotion, with the recent conflict simply being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Acknowledging different opinions

Whilst you may agree with one party, it is essential that different stances are acknowledged, not simply seeing someone shunned or pushed aside. By doing so, each employee will feel that their opinion counts; an approach that will positively impact staff morale and company culture.

Create an open environment

To deal with a conflict, effective communication is a necessity. If you have two or more staff members that are failing to work in agreement, create a managed environment in which they can express their feelings to each other as well as the management team. Whether that be communicating anger, hurt or pure frustration, getting opinions understood and out in the open is one step closer to a resolution.

Highlight common areas of agreement

No matter how big or small, there will be areas of agreement between the conflicting parties and if the individuals involved are passionate about the business, they will be eager to discuss ways in which they can move forward as part of a unified team. Below are a few areas that you should aim to get conflicting parties to agree on:

  • Agree on the problem
  • Agree on the plan of action
  • Agree on worst fears and outcomes
  • Agree on some small change to give an experience of success

Follow through with your plan

As you have put in the time and resources to define a problem and plan a resolution strategy, it is vital that you follow through with it. This can be achieved through scheduling follow-up meetings with the initial meeting minutes and putting milestones in place, maintaining communication on the subject with all relevant individuals.

In need of professional HR support?

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Dealing with Conflicts at Work: The Best HR Practices