All employers face HR and Employment Law issues at some point in their businesses. We understand the importance of the day to day running of a business and the pressure employers can be under, we do it ourselves! I think we have all realised we do need extra help when it comes to certain things. You wouldn’t employ an accountant to build your house, so why be baffled with employment law and regulations?

Businesses can grow at a rapid pace. During your start up period it may not be in the budget or a business essential for you to have a HR department. However as your business grows, your work load grows, your team grows, it is essential to have contracts, policies and procedures in place to keep you legally compliant and your people management effective.

This is where we can help! Our expert knowledge and experience provides you with the tools you need so that it is no longer essential to run your HR in-house. Outsourcing your HR is a cost effective way to cover your business with all essential employment law policies, without having an extra hefty salary to pay.



                                                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Olu Elatu on Unsplash


5 Boss Business Tips:

  1. We help your business grow – Your team could already be growing, the dream for all business’ when they first start out. Having an outsourced HR department will help your business development and progression. 
  2. Protects your business and reduces risks – Having correct documents, policies and procedures in place will help preserve your business, especially in the eyes of the law.
  3. Be on top of your game, be the Boss! – Most employers don’t think about HR until they need it and this is normally a knee jerk reaction from a not so great cause. Cover yourself as an employer and have everything in place to really see your company thrive.
  4. Effective Direction – We help you hire the best possible talent that fits your business. It’s not all about finding the best but, securing it. Retaining talent is essential to ensure business progression, as your HR department we are there to help you with that.
  5. Success – Employees need to be managed well to create success. With our training academies on the side, we can set you up for success. Even with your in-house team, we are there to support you and offer non-biased opinions. Having a fresh set of eyes on any disputes will definitely lead your business in the right direction.

There are many great reasons to outsource your HR but it is also important as an employer to understand why you need it and having advice from the experts is sometimes the only way.



Boss Business Tips: Why should you outsource your HR?