Why does your company need an Employee Handbook?

Not all companies appreciate the benefits of having an Employee Handbook and what it can do to help your business. So we’ve put together our 5 top tips to help you make a decision!

1. It introduces employees to your culture and values in the business.
The handbook sets standards for employment relationships in general. It can be used as a guide post for policies.

2. It communicates to employees what is expected of them.
Provides a clear understanding of what is expected of your staff. This can advise them on matters such as holidays, illness, maternity/paternity to grievances and behaviour in the workplace. All important aspects for the workplace. 

3. It lets employees know what to expect from management.
Employees need to know what is expected of them, but it is also important they know what to expect from management. This all helps create healthy relationships in the workplace. 

4. It allows your company to act in the correct way when issues arise.
Employers should always want to make sure they follow fair procedures when it comes to their staff, especially when issues arise. The Employee Handbook allows you to follow fair procedures to make sure situations are handled in the best way possible. 

5. It defends you against employee claims.
If your policies are up to date and in place, this can save your business time and money if a dispute arose. If at an employment tribunal the handbook would be a vital piece of evidence to show that your business complies with fair policies and procedures. 

5 Business Benefits of having an Employee Handbook!